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Take your video editing skill to the next level. CapCut is one of the best video editing application for Android devices. Download the CapCut Pro + Mod APK from this Site, and Enjoy Watermark Free with All Premium Features Unlocked for Free.

Version: 7.7.0 | Size: 131MB

CapCut Pro + MOD APK: Are you looking for the best TikTok video editing app? Then you are at the right place. Now, CapCut has become a top-rated TikTok video editing application for android as well as ios. CapCut has a pre-design template; by using this, you can easily create videos by just replacing videos and photos.

TikTok has become very popular all over the world. People want to create magical videos like another creator on TikTok. But everybody needs to gain video editing skills. Also, everyone needs to own a computer or laptop. Here CapCut came into the picture. To create TikTok videos, you don’t need video editing skills. You can easily create videos by using a pre-design template.

What is CapCut?

CapCut is one of the most popular Video editing application worldwide. It has more the 35 million downloads. Nowadays, all TikTokers prefer CapCut to edit their video because of its features.

This app is features loaded. Overlays, fonts, and media layers are also present.CapCut is the most popular video editing application in TikTok Community. Anyone can easily create videos by replacing videos and photos of pre-design templates.

What is CapCut Pro APK?

CapCut Pro APK is a premium version of the CapCut app. This premium version unlocks unlimited features you will not get in the regular CapCut app. You generally have to pay some amount if you want to use this premium feature. The pro version of the CapCut app starts from $7.99/month.

If you want to use these premium features without paying a single penny, then we have a solution for you. You can download the mod version of the CapCut app and use all premium features for free. Please read the entire post to download and correctly install the app. Now you can export your video in 1080p without a watermark.

What is CapCut MOD APK?

CapCut MOD APK is a mod version of CapCut PRO. This mod apk unlocked all premium features of the pro version of the CapCut app. Many of you want to use the premium features- nobody likes the CapCut app’s watermark of the CapCut app on their vidoes. If you are one of them, you can download The CapCut MOD APK from this website and export your vidoes without a watermark.

To download the CapCut MOD APK, scroll down to the Download CapCut Pro + MOD Apk for Android heading. We have provided a download page link. You can visit that page and can download the app. Below are the editing tools you will get in the mod version of CapCut APK.

Editing Tools

  • Trim: Remove unwanted parts and make your video shorter and better.
  • Sounds: Add any sound to your video by extracting a TikTok song from your phone.
  • Effects: Add any sound effects to your video.
  • Extracted sound: Extract music from your previous video and use it in your current video.
  • Record: You can directly record your voice and add it to your video.
  • Text: You can add text to your video.
  • Stickers: Use any stickers from the internet.
  • Contrast: You can adjust the contrast of the video.
  • Overlays: Add any overlays on the current video.
  • Video Effects: Add video effects to your video.
  • Brightness: You can adjust the brightness of the video.
  • Body Effects: You can add body effects to your video.
  • Photo Effects: Add any photo effect to your video.
  • Filters: You can add any filter from the internet.
  • Ratio: You can crop your video and can remove unwanted parts.
  • Color: You can apply any color to your video.
  • Exposure: You can use the exposure option for your video.
  • Background: You can change the background of the video.
  • Blur: You can blur an unwanted part of the video.
  • Sharpen: You can Sharpen Your video.


Download CapCut Pro + MOD Apk for Android

You can use all the premium features of the CaCut Pro Application by downloading the CapCut MOD APK, which is the mod version of it. The mod version provides all premium features for free. You don’t have to pay even a single penny for premium features.

NameCapCut APK
PublisherBytedance Pte. Ltd.
CategoryVideo Editor
LicensePremium Activated
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Last UpdatedFeb 10, 2023

Just click on the below Go To Download Page button, and you will see download links with the version on the next page.

Note: Please uninstall the previous version of CapCut app then install this one.

How To Install

You can follow the below steps to install CapCut MOD APK.

CapCut mod apk installation guide

How To Use CapCut Template?

Step 1: You can visit the CapCut template page and open any post you like. Open any post. Select the template which you like. If you like the template below, click on Use Template In CapCut.

select capcut templete

Step 2: Make sure you have installed the CapCut app. If you don’t have then you can download CapCut App. You will redirect to CapCut App.

Step 3: Click on Use Template.

Step 4: Select the photos or videos you want to add and then click on Preview.

capcut video preview

Step 5: You can play your video and check how it is. Click on Export to save it.

export capcut video

Step 6: You can select video quality. You can choose either 480p, 720p or 1080p. If you want to export a video without a watermark, click on Export without watermark; otherwise, click on Export.

select capcut video quality

Step 7: Your video is ready. You can share it on any social media or save it on your device by clicking on Done.

download capcut video

Pro Tip: If CapCut is banned in your Country, you must use VPN. Before using the template, ensure your CapCut app is updated and connected with VPN.


CapCut MOD Errors & Solutions

Here is some major problem faced by the user with CapCut MOD APK and solutions to fix the issue.

Problem: CapCut MOD APK not working?

Solution: Before installing the CapCut mod apk, please uninstall the CapCut app.

Problem: Facing no internet connection, connect to the internet and try again issue?

Solution: If you are facing this issue, it means CapCut App is banned in your country. You must install any VPN from the play store to resolve this issue. After installation, connect to VPN. After connecting, your app will start working.


It is true, CapCut app is available on both iOS as well as Android platforms.

Yes CapCut app is free. CapCut app is totally available for free download as well as use.

CapCut is an app for editing videos created by ByteDance which is the same company who developed TikTok. It lets users edit and create videos using various tools and features that include effects filters, text and music.

CapCut app is designed to be user-friendly, but if you need help getting started, you can find tutorials and guides online. You can also explore the app’s features and tools on your own to get a feel for how they work.

Yes, CapCut app is generally considered safe to use. However, like any app, there may be some privacy and security risks to consider. It’s important to be mindful of the data you share on the app and to make sure you’re using a secure internet connection when uploading and sharing videos.

Public Reviews

I love CapCut for mobile editing and was happy to hear they had a desktop version. I have yet to use the desktop version, but I plan to explore it today. I wish it could synch with the mobile version so it would be easier to import the clips via phone, but we can edit it on the laptop or computer if we prefer. Your idea of them doing a full-on collaboration with TikTok is spot on too!
The only thing it was missing is that it would’ve been great if you used the mobile app because CapCut is so famous for TikTok and all the quick styles, transitions, and pre-set speed-ups (like the one you cut and did manually). Then comparing the two because I think I may start using this rather than the astronomically priced Adobe Premier Pro. Awesome video, though.
Captain Lawrence
That’s exciting! I had no idea they made a desktop version. I love CapCut on my iPhone but wanna try the desktop version too. The export time on my iPhone only takes a few seconds to a minute, even in 4K.
Seriah Alexus
Thank you so much!! I was looking for the CapCut download. I looked everywhere but still couldn’t find it. I’ve finally found the link. Thank you so much!


CapCut is undoubtedly one of the best apps for creating and editing TikTok vidoes. Millions of people have already downloaded it from the play store and app store. But due to limitations, they are moving to CapCut MOD APK. I hope you have downloaded the app successfully. Remember to share with your friends and family. They will also enjoy premium features for free.

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